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Virtual events that work! Integrated online and hybrid event solutions that combine an innovative platform and sophisticated event production. Attend events. Attend online. Attend.ONE.



No virtual event can escape the need for professional management, or the magic of human interaction. From simple sound solutions to complex stage scenography. From content creation to speaker coordination. The playground and the rules might have changed. But you still need the best team to win the game. And this is where we come in. An expert team of event producers with 15+ years of experience and a network of top live communication industry professionals is ready to put your event in the spotlight.


Managing the virtues of virtual events hides in the balance of productivity and technology. Combining live experiences with digital solutions. Bringing together the best of the past and the future. Not only do we believe in this approach - we have seen and made it work! The formula for our success? PERFORMANCE = PLATFORM + PRODUCTION. We not only offer you a change of vehicle, but a change of narrative. A skill set for successful and meaningful virtual events. A full range of services to master participant engagement and reach the target audience and goals of your event. We take your events online!


Content delivery and participant interaction are the core values of any event. In the world of online and hybrid events this rule is even more applicable. And the right platform can be the stepping stone to reach new heights. ATTEND.ONE is a unique social network-like platform that contains a full event experience. Video streams with multiple live and pre-recorded event stages, extensive participant communication, news feeds with interactive posts, smart agenda linked to your calendar, pools and questions, virtual EXPO area, smart gamification, AI matchmaking and much more. ATTEND.ONE leads your event right to the participants. Any screen, any place, any time.


Event livestream production
Full-service project management - includes understanding the client’s goals and needs (and budget) and finding the best suitable solutions. Also comprises all technical production (stage, technical equipment, and services) and all 3rd party coordination. And most importantly, the coordination of all technical staff during the event (set up, rehearsal, event, take down).
Event login screen
It is very convenient and intuitive to use ATTEND.ONE due to its functionality and accessibility. Our platform provides everything you need from registration for the event to combining attendance Statistics afterwards.
Stage camera crane
Selection of the most appropriate venue for the hybrid event, suitable for the studio/stage setup. Full-service communication, legal and administrative procedures related to venue rental. Consultation and communication with the client for the best value for money.
Event main feed
The main feed is the landing page for the ATTEND.ONE user`s profile that the participant is redirected to after he/she has logged in. The main feed contains posts of event organisers, sponsors, and all participants and expo pages that the user has chosen to follow. It can also contain a heads-up page video feed, poll/quiz, and Twitter feed of the event`s hashtag. With a BASIC and FULL bundle option, you get additional options such as access to the expo stage, full agenda, and others.
Event stage
Selection of video director. Video production - video concept development, location and camera setup, framing, motion testing, etc. A qualified and experienced technical crew is a must!
Event agenda
Agenda is a full event schedule with time slots, attached speakers, containing the description, files and other information. In the Agenda section, it is easy for participants to switch between upcoming agenda entries in multiple stages, read the descriptions, and set them up as favourites. An administrator can mark specific agenda events to be displayed in the participant`s calendar, even if the participant has not selected it as a favourite.
Event production
Detailed technical rehearsal of the event. Mandatory individual tests for speakers online and onsite (personalised time schedule communication with all involved). Technical rehearsal - primary and secondary internet connection testing, online communication platform and other integrated IT solution testing, as well as sound, light, video, filming, livestream testing. Technical support team to supervise each online communication solution.
Event polls
Moderators and administrators can create multiple polls for video stages, with a specific timestamp for displaying. Every stage poll`s content can be different. All polls can be created before and during the event. Answers to polls can be collected privately or displayed in a summary for participants.
Event production team
The show caller is responsible for hosting and coordination of the event’s technical rehearsal, as well as detailed execution of the event scenario. Ensures that the programme runs smoothly without any delays from the programme. Makes on the spot last-minute decisions if necessary.
Event expo
Expo section is a separate section in the platform, as a catalogue for company pages, where companies can create their virtual expo stands. These companies assign multiple participants that can create a post about their products and services, engage with their target audience, and display their company information. Expo page administrators can add video streams and/or polls to their wall of posts, attach presentations and other files, etc. Page owners can create a schedule for one-on-one or group online meetings, that other participants can apply for. If companies are event sponsors, they can be awarded extra features, such as pushing their posts to the participant’s main feed as sponsored posts, etc. Each expo page can have its own limit set for the amount of these extra features.
Camera crew
Selection of filming and live streaming technical crew. Video mixing and graphics, sound supervision and audio mixing, all the necessary broadcast equipment, resources, and protocols for successful live streaming. Streaming production and testing (choosing best streaming protocol and back-up plan). A qualified and experienced streaming technical crew is a must!
Event statistic
Administrators and content administrators can access information on the event`s attendance, statistics on participant engagement (such as comments, posts, likes, shares, etc.), page views, and other useful information. Expo page administrators can access detailed statistics about their Expo page, just like video panel moderators have access to exact video panel statistics.



ATTEND.ONE is created by a group of companies that are regional leaders in their segments of event solutions and event production. ATTEND.ONE is our answer to the changes and challenges that the live communication industry is experiencing. The answer is crafted by experience, research and science. The answer is a long-term plan, not a short-term patch. ATTEND.ONE is developed by some of the best event and IT industry people in the Nordic region in cooperation with experts from fields of communication, data safety, marketing, and psychology to deliver a new type of live communication experience.


ATTEND.ONE is not a faceless event app our copy and paste service provider. Our event solutions are not only created and crafted, but are delivered in full by experienced event and tech professionals. Whether it is a simple company meeting or a complex international conference - our support team will help you to build up your unique event. Our client consultants and the team of event producers will help you with any questions during the event as well as the pre- and post-production phase. We will also make sure that your event participants have everything at their disposal when they access the platform for the first time.


Our support team will strongly believe that live communication and live experiences will forever be the body and soul of the event industry. But we also acknowledge the endless possibilities that meaningful and smart technologies are providing to help this body gain muscle and even grow wings. In the case of live events, this means increased scale and reach as well as decreased safety risks. Increased return on investment and decreased sustainability threats. Virtual events that work!


ATTEND.ONE event platform is a user-friendly and intuitive event communication solution based on convenience, functionality, and accessibility both for organisers and users. Everything starting from registration and finishing with complete attendance statistics. This platform offers services such as Event registration, User profile, Smart Agenda, Video stream, Questions and polls, Online exhibition, Tagging and profiling, User P2P interactivity, News, Sponsor advertisement, Calendar, Gamification, Notification, and more. There are several services that can be customised specifically for the event, such as gamification rules for the distribution of points and badges, recommendation settings, or PDF certificates of attendance.


ATTEND.ONE is comprised of enterprises that are registered in the EU, working according to the highest event industry environment, health, and safety standards as we all as implementing all necessary protocols, certificates, and licences. Our system servers are located in the EU, and system security and privacy policy meet GDPR guidelines. All of this is maintained by our team members who are certified Data Protection Officers (DPO). The same goes for all our event sub-contractors who are carefully selected according to professional background, experience and standards.

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This platform is being used by different companies who value the capabilities of the unique ATTEND.ONE system. We value our clients and our collaboration through many interesting events. And we look forward to many more.

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Attend events. Attend online.

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