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No virtual event can escape the need for professional management, or the magic of human interaction. From simple sound solutions to complex stage scenography. From content creation to speaker coordination. The playground and the rules might have changed. But you still need the best team to win the game. And this is where we come i. An expert team of event producers with 15+ years of experience and a network of top live communication industry professionals is ready to put your event in the spotlight.

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3K MANAGEMENT is a Riga-based full service destination & event management company with 15+ years’ experience, with awarded event concepts, and a team that thinks out-of-the-box. Our main area of event production is the home market of the Baltic states - Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania - but our services and experience have been evaluated globally and the portfolio includes projects managed all around the world from Japan to Uruguay. 3K MANAGEMENT has always been a very tech-driven company with an inhouse video production team, and we are known as a trailblazer in implementing new technologies, virtual solutions and digital tools in the event and live communication industry. VISION. PASSION. ACTION.

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Event livestream production
Full-service project management - includes understanding the client’s goals and needs (and budget) and finding the best suitable solutions. Also comprises all technical production (stage, technical equipment, and services) and all 3rd party coordination. And most importantly, the coordination of all technical staff during the event (set up, rehearsal, event, take down).
Stage camera crane
Selection of the most appropriate venue for the hybrid event, suitable for the studio/stage setup. Full-service communication, legal and administrative procedures related to venue rental. Consultation and communication with the client for the best value for money.
Event stage
Selection of video director. Video production - video concept development, location and camera setup, framing, motion testing, etc. A qualified and experienced technical crew is a must!
Event production
Detailed technical rehearsal of the event. Mandatory individual tests for speakers online and onsite (personalised time schedule communication with all involved). Technical rehearsal - primary and secondary internet connection testing, online communication platform and other integrated IT solution testing, as well as sound, light, video, filming, livestream testing. Technical support team to supervise each online communication solution.
Event production team
The show caller is responsible for hosting and coordination of the event’s technical rehearsal, as well as detailed execution of the event scenario. Ensures that the programme runs smoothly without any delays from the programme. Makes on the spot last-minute decisions if necessary.
Camera crew
Selection of filming and live streaming technical crew. Video mixing and graphics, sound supervision and audio mixing, all the necessary broadcast equipment, resources, and protocols for successful live streaming. Streaming production and testing (choosing best streaming protocol and back-up plan). A qualified and experienced streaming technical crew is a must!

Production Packages